Quarter Life Crisis

A snippet into my life being in my twenties.

All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better. -Ralph Waldo Emerson

Attempt 10000025

OK. So I am clearly not good at blogging. I never know what to write for longer than the one post I have magically thought of that day. So I have decided to try it again for the 1000025th time.

Since I will soon be approaching a milestone in my life…the big 2-5, I thought it would be the perfect time to let it all out.

So the first order of things is dating. Being single in today’s world is tough. REAL TOUGH. I like to refer to the men I have dates as wolves. Why wolves you ask? Because clearly they have been raised by them. For some reason manners and chivalry are a thing in the past. Since when did it become socially acceptable for a man to grunt at your for approval. People we have evolved and cave man live behavior is not cute.

Anyway, a good friend and I often compare dating experiences and find ourselves laughing a lot. Here is a snippet of a g-chat conversation that sums up our dating world.

BFF: A Bulgarian, a Spaniard, and a half Chinese/half Japanese walk into a room

8:36 AM The Bulgarian guy buys me a drink and tells me he used to play chess  The Spaniard shows me his new dance moves from the LA electronic music festival and buys me a beer 8:37 AM The Asian buys me a shot of tequila and then drops his drink on the floor  who do I sleep with? 8:38 AM Me: hahaha BFF: Lol I think the answer is D none of the above   that’s my dating life
This is a clear example of wolf cub behavior. For some reason mother’s have forgotten to mention to their sons how to approach let alone be in a woman’s presence. This is a prime example of dating in your twenties. It is a wild wild world folks!